Goodybags are an important part of the runner experience and are a special way to reward runners for their achievement and gain relationship to your product.

Richmond RUNFEST is offering a unique opportunity to sample in the goodybags and reach out to a mass audience. This campaign is aimed at brands wishing to engage directly with men, women and children of all ages and abilities, as well as their spectators, volunteers and charities.

It is important to engage in the runners’ journey before and after the event and we embrace brands to become apart of this. Our goodybag package offers more than simply race-day exposure in the form of the following: Pre-race newsletter campaign with a distribution of over 15,000 and inclusion in the post race e-goody bag with an 80% reach from the ABC1 socio-economic group.

Opportunities available:


Ø   Adult Goodybag Sampling – up to 6,000 bag

Ø   Kids Goodybag Sampling – up to 2,000 bags

Ø   Sampling and Exhibitor presence – Reach of over 12,000


Items that have previously sampled in our finisher bag include: Product and Event leaflets, Energy Bars, Nutrition and Rehydration Sachets, Male/Female beauty products.

Enhance your presence and exhibit your brand at the Richmond Fitness Expo at the finish line festival and music concert. For more information on exhibiting, download the Exhibitor brochure.

If you are interested and want to find out more please email

[email protected]