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As a charity runner you are going to want to maximise the funds that you raise for your worthy cause. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your charity run through sponsorship.


Post your effort, raise 46% more

In a recent study of more than 1,000 everydayhero fundraisers in the world’s largest timed run we found that those fundraisers who connected their MapMyFitness account to their everydayhero account raise more. And it’s not just a little bit more, they raised 46% more than those who didn’t connect! Your supporters want to see your dedication, they want to know that you really care about what you’re doing, and they want to see all those miles covered, time spent training and calories burnt. Because for them, seeing the effort you’re putting in lets them know that you are serious about making a difference and you’re willing to give what it takes. And that makes them willing to give too.

Create a Facebook Group

Research has found that fundraisers who share their page through a Facebook group they’ve created raise 67% more than those who don’t. That’s right… 67%. Because you’re including people in a special group designed with one purpose – to support your fundraising and keep up to date with your progress. It creates a more personal environment where you can invite others, directly ask them to help you, thank them when they do, and let them know when you’re close to your goal so they can help you reach (or even exceed) it.

Photos, Updates and Thank You's

Small actions make BIG differences. For example, adding just 1 photo to your everydayhero page increases the average amount you raise by 10% and increases the average number of donations on your page by 121% over those who do not upload photos. Posting an update to your Supporter Page feed increases the average raised by 17% and increases the average number of donations by 121%. Sending Thank You emails increases the average amount raised by an incredible 80% and the average number of donations by 147%. And if you do all of these, the results speak for themselves: a +264% increase in average amount raised and +350% in average number of donations!

Share Impact Content

How will the money raised impact your cause? Do you know how your charity will be spending the money you’ve worked so hard to raise on their behalf? Ensure you are well informed and know all about what each £ raised will help accomplish. If you can be specific and tell them that £2,000 feeds 200 children for a month, then that will meet with a more generous response than a vague indication. Citing tangible results lets your supporters understand the impact they are helping to make. So instead of “giving £20 to your fundraising page” they are “feeding 2 children for a month. 

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From running a marathon to crossing the desert in a storm trooper costume, every day heroes stand up in our community and try to make a difference by raising money for charities close to their hearts.

Since 2007, Everyday Hero has been helping these heroes, thousands of them in fact, to raise over £65 million online for not-for-profits in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


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